Praise for Beat Radio’s Hard Times, Go!

“Beat Radio are the indie pop romantic transmissions of passion from Brian Sendrowitz who premieres his new single "Dreaming Wide Awake" from the forthcoming Awkward For Life album Hard Times, Go!. We heard the recent album opener "Hurricanes, XO" that navigates through the heart of both personal and sonic storms as today's debut conjures up a cupid-struck-dream-state that rips out the selector switch that divides between an alarm clock's sleep and radio modes. Having given us the previous vast sound-sewn waters of The Great Big Sea, Safe Inside the Sound, Golden Age and numerous demos; Sendrowitz takes on the world's challenges with the heart-song valor of Hard Times, Go! recorded in his Bellmore, NY home studio.” -Sjimon Gompers, Impose Magazine

“Thanks to the ADD-enriching convenience of Internet music applications, today’s pop music culture has become overly saturated with boorish indie musicians who think success is more contingent on who-you-know instead of what-you-know; opting for that over talent. This is why it’s such a delight to come across a no-nonsense diamond in the rough like Beat Radio. Started as a therapeutic hobby by New Yorker Brian Sendrowitz, Beat Radio is a uniquely befitting medley of ‘80s-powered post-punk and navel-gazing dream pop; particularly showcased in latest release, Hard Times, Go! While meticulously melting atmospheric guitar riffs with rich and cascading melodies, Sendrowitz croons the lows like Phil Elverum and nasally sustains the highs like John Vanderslice. From stem to stern, this record will make you want to dance, stand and stare simultaneously. Those of you who are tired of today’s smug and derivative indie pop–this is your ace in the hole.” -Gregory Gerulat, SLUG Magazine

“With the release of the fourth full length LP HARD TIMES, GO!, it is clear that Beat Radio is a presence not to be ignored.  It is best to listen, at least for the first time, to HARD TIMES, GO! alone with just you and the record to allow the impact of the words to seep into your being. This is the type of record that you will carry with you, potentially physically, but more likely metaphorically; the kind of record whose full essence gradually trickles into your soul leaving you wondering how you ever got along without it there.... Beat Radio also epitomizes the sweeping romanticism that we have come to hold so dear in a world that is often too cynical to take seriously.” -Violent Success

“I am really loving this album. Fuzzy, dreamy Indie pop / rock at its best. It sounds exactly like what a garage band should sound like. Sleepy, yet paired with music that carries a ton of energy recorded in an intentionally raw sound. This is really an exceptional album, get yourself a copy.” -Scott Wickberg, Sly Vinyl

“I think Sendrowitz’s achievement (and it is a large one) is successfully managing to transfer the feeling from his earlier nostalgic releases into a new record which deals with very adult issues. It is easy to write and sing about a sunny past and sound in love with so-called better times, but here he manages to still come across as warm and sincere when dealing with less romantic topics. The album is full of realistic but hopeful (and thus hugely endearing) songs about life. It is a personal record, a brave record that truly wants to let the hard times go. It is a triumph.” -Wake the Deaf

“When I hear a song like "Hurricanes, XO," it makes blogging all worth it. Experiencing those beautiful moments when everything about a piece of music works and evokes a deep, gut-level response, where it reminds you of what you love (here, traces of "Frontwards" by Pavement in Bryan Bruchman's soaring guitar, the shambling glow and intimitate widescreen of Broken Social Scene, the poetic lyrics, and that impressive, heart-stopping ability to acknowledge pain AND the chance of healing) while still going somewhere new, and when it either resonates with feelings you weren't quite fully aware of or voices sentiments you couldn't exactly say but absolutely, completely feel and understand... that's what keeps me going. It's the best. Maybe it won't work for everyone they way it works for me, but I feel like I have this blog so that hopefully just one other person can fall in love with "Hurricanes, XO" and the rest of the fantastic new album from Beat Radio called Hard Times, Go!” - Steve Fabian, Those Who Dig

“Lo-Fi Indie pop at it’s purest.” - Daily Vinyl

Praise for Golden Age LP:

"Since 2004, Brian Sendrowitz has quietly churned out album after album of fuzzy rock anthems from his Long Island home, but it wasn't until last December that everything finally seemed to fall into place for his band, Beat Radio, with the release of Golden Age on their vinyl-only, start-up label. Here, grungy psych meets spacey folk—equally informed by Sparklehorse as Buffalo Tom's appearance on My So-Called Life—making as clear an argument as there is against early onset hype." - The L Magazine, 2011 NYC Bands You Need to Hear

“Beat Radio are back, and this time they've picked the sunset out of the sky and strung it onto this song. Golden light spills across guitar frets and kick drums, and everything is all set to get together, like the sunset is going to lead to a brighter day, instead of a deep dark night. There's something fine and astonishing about this kind of songwriting, when the light hits it just right.” –The Torture Garden

We gushed over the electronic tinges and bedroom indie rock pulses of singer/songwriter--and New York native--Brian Sendrowitz's project Beat Radio a little over a year ago now and today brings another fascinating piece of music from him, making us all the more excited for what's to come next.” – The Culture of Me

"Terrific songwriting" - Tympanogram

"If you like bedroom, mellow indie-pop (more upbeat than The Postal Service, less ADD than Phoenix) you should definitely give these guys a chance. They have a bandcamp page where you can pick up a couple tracks for free, but if you want one of the 300, hand-numbered GOLD 12” discs, you should grab it now before these guys are no longer just a New Band of the Week blog post." - Anna Krukowska, Insound Staff Blog

"For me, to even think of a band in the same brain wave as Yo La Tengo, or Wilco, really really says something...I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so excited about a band."  -Quit Mumbling

“Golden Age” perfectly sums up Sendrowitz’s general M.O. –acoustic guitar almost drowned out beneath clattering drums and effortlessly integrated electronics, sugar-sweet lovelorn lyrics layered on top like the icing on a cake. It’s simple and effective enough to earworm its way right into your head and never come out." -Pretty Much Amazing

"Dreamy electro-rock that just kinda pulls you out of the cold, no, that’s not right… it kinda picks you up and floats you through the’s one sweet album by a wonderful band." -Tsururadio

“Heavy layers of sonic asphalt peel back to reveal solid cobblestone songwriting.” - yvynyl

"Sendrowitz purposefully recorded the album spontaneously and on the fly, minimizing the glistening, inorganic sheen of overproduction. What's left in it's place is a testament to pure talent and emotion speaking for itself." -

“Sendrowitz exists in the new, modern luminosity, somewhere between being someone everyone knows and being an unknown that a few people are desperately loyal to.” – 32 Feet Per Second

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